Monday, April 3, 2017

Introducing the Universal Truth Religion

Introducing the Church of Universal Truth, the religion of the Introvert

 The below document comprises the initial charter of a new religion, which shall henceforth be known as Universal Truth.


Version number and dateFounder and Minister:
 Reverend J.B. Stran



 The foundation of the Universal Truth religion is based on the individual’s right to worship in solitude, free of social pressure and judgement.
  Unlike nearly all organized religions, the Universal Truth religion welcomes and caters to the Introvert; the Prisoner; the Outcast; the Homeless.
 The Universal Truth that you seek is this:  Wherever you are; whoever you are, so there is God.
The God that you seek has never written any books.
 The God that you seek neither recognizes nor requires your money.
  The God that you seek does not hold nor require any earthly real estate.
   The God that you seek does not employ fear tactics for the purpose of extorting goodness from you.
The God that you seek requires only that reach your full potential, both as an individual spirit and as a connection point for the billions of other individual seekers.


 The Right of quiet reflection
The right of the worshiper to enjoy the quiet privacy of solo worship shall not be infringed upon.
 The Right to refuse the Kool-Aid
The right of the individual to refuse to participate in activities perceived as cult behaviors shall not be infringed upon.
The Right to exercise privately
The right of the individual to refuse participation in, or lead, any public exercise group shall not be infringed upon.
The Right to meal privacy
The worshiper shall retain the right to dine alone and will not be asked to share a meal in any public setting.
Liquid Dogma
The founders and leaders of the Universal Truth religion reserve the right to adapt and grow these doctrines.



  • Morning routines are sacred and shall not be altered or interfered with.
  • Proper dress for worship shall remain in tune with personal comfort.
  • Ministers are available for advice, but are not required for worship services.
  • Worship in group settings of 6 members or less are acceptable within the comfort realms of the individual worshipper.
  • Tithing shall not be required.  Voluntary Donations will be accepted by the minister directly via Paypal to the following:

Leader roles and responsibilities

  The primary leader shall be the minister. The primary role of the minister is to support the individual worshipper from a distance.

 Additional leaders may be appointed by the minister or by majority vote among the worshippers.